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LIgtning's Dance Floor


Lightning's Dance Floor
by Ronald Wardall


Here is poetry made of the drama in lives we might have considered ordinary without Ronald Wardall s careful illuminations of them. He looks not so much at, but rather into people and their circumstances, writing sympathetically yet without sentimentality. Memories return as vivid recreations, and the imagery streams along the poems lines as they unfold. The impression I have of Wardall, knowing him only from his writing, is of a person with untiring curiosity about others and the incidents that made them what they were. A sense of adventure powers his human journey and the poems testify to his compassionate attention. Lightning s Dance Floor is a work of generosity by a poet whose technique is as thorough as he is observant. --David Chorlton

Over the years, Ronald Wardall has been constructing a striking and authentic poetic landscape that is both startling and profound. His poems come at you with a strong and relentless energy, full of clarity, intelligence, lyrical illuminations and passion. What he does so well is to restore the past of his childhood and of a time and place in America but what often is so singular about these poems is the edgy marriage of very private moments with nature, music, and sex. He brings his powers of reflective and historical intelligence and imaginative daring to a beautiful fruition again and again.

--Jason Shinder








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Ronald Wardall (1937-2006) lived not only as a poet, he was a farmer, desk clerk, carpenter, bridge builder, salesman, lighting technician, actor, agent for the Army Security Agency, travel agent, publicity agent, educator, fund raiser, administrator, union leader, lobbyist and editor. His publications include Poetry, Field, Swink, Mudfish, and Skidrow Penthouse, among others. His work was included in Random House’s POEMS OF NEW YORK. He was the recipient of the Slipstream Prize, the Dana Prize and a New York Foundation of the Arts Fellowship. His EYES OF A VERTICAL CUT was published in 2001 by Slipstream Press. He left behind a library of four thousand books and four poetry collections in manuscript.