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Mostly Beethoven


Mostly Beethoven
by Jiri Klobouk

short story (pocket size)

"Jiri Klobouk has one of the wildest imaginations I've encountered, with a Grand Guignol knack for black humor. He doesn't mind scattering the landscape with bodies.”

-- Walter Cummins

Praise for Third Wife:

“This fine collection of short stories gives an example of experienced writing and deep feeling of the situation of mankind. The themes and styles oscillate between fantastic horror, kafkaesque absurdity, surrealism or even a tragic love story. It is a journey over half of our world: from the communist Czechoslovakia over to Russia and eventually North America, both USA and Canada. The author's language and approach succeeds in narrating even the bleak events with irony and humour.”

--Jiri Bores, Volksbuehne, Berlin, Germany

“If you're starved for exciting, gripping and  thought-provoking  short stories, Jiri Klobouk serves up  'manna from heaven,' in his "Third Wife."  Fascinating characters, powerful endings. He can really tell a story. A great read!"
--Ben G. Frank, Travel writer, journalist and author of "The Scattered Tribe," Globe Pequot Press








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Excerpt-Mostly Beethoven

Jiri Klobouk writes fiction, radio plays, poetry and essays. He discovered jazz when he was twelve and later began to visualize the world around him through a camera lens - he worked for 20 years in television. These experiences are reflected in his writing. He created a body of work in which – as one critique noted: “We could feel the rhythm and see things from unexpected angles.”

He writes in his native Czech and English. Many short stories have appeared in literary periodicals: Partisan Review, Chicago Review, Stories and Artful Dodge.

For “Winter Wolves,” a story published in Mid-American Review, he was named outstanding writer in the 1985-86 The Pushcart Prize edition.

His list of books includes:My Life with Blondie, Winfield, Radio Plays I, Radio Plays II, Music After Midnight, The Stair Climber, Anti-Communist Manifesto (1975), The Homecoming, JAZZ II: Parents, American Wife.